When Should You Repair Your Drywall?

Drywall is the outermost layer on interior walls. It used to be that plaster was the material of choice for interiors, but now it’s drywall. Although drywall is pretty durable, there will come a time when you’ll need to have holes, dents and other issues repaired. When that time comes, it’s usually best to hire drywall repair allentown pa professionals rather than make it a DIY project. Drywall repair requires special skills and tools that you probably don’t have.

But how do drywalls get damaged and when should you call for help?

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Drywalls are susceptible to damage by moisture. If the drywall is exposed to water for a long time, then the paste that binds the sheets together will turn to paste.


Termites love to feast on the paper layers in drywall. If the paper layer becomes weak then you will have to repaint the walls as well after drywall repair.


Moisture trapped in the paper layers can serve as a favorable environment for mold to grow.

When Should You Call in the Professionals to Repair or
Replace Drywall?

You should seek the help of a qualified contractor if the damage to the drywall involves:

·    Numerous holes in a wall that will require a complete replacement of the drywall

·    There has been severe water-damaged with the presence of mold

·    There is comprehensive cracking

If the damage to your drywalls has reached any of the above stages, its best you seek help from drywall repair experts. A licensed contractor can provide professional support to repaint, replace, and repair all damages to the drywalls and underlying construction.

Why bother with the hassle of matching textures, mixing paint, and demolishing your walls, when professionals can do it all? You should work with a professional team for timely and hassle-free drywall repairs.