The 411 on Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

Every business owner in the world knows the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment. After all, a clean space provides a safer and happier experience for customers and employees alike. Some business owners, however, may not have a dedicated cleaning staff on hand, either because of lack of hires or preferring to use third-party cleaning companies.

Are you currently in-between hires on your own cleaning crew, or are you thinking of outsourcing your cleaning tasks to janitorial services los angeles teams? If you’re considering the latter, then you might be wondering the differences between janitorial services and commercial cleaning services.

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What Are the Differences?

While they both essentially handle the same task, there are a few differences between commercial cleaning services and essential janitorial services.

·    Commercial cleaning is great for bigger cleaning projects

When most people think of commercial cleaning, they are planning on a deep clean of their business. This involves thorough cleaning of the entire office, from top to bottom. Deep cleans like this can usually be done a few times a year.

·    Janitorial services are the common and essential cleaning tasks

Businesses that employ their own cleaning crew have scheduled, essential cleaning tasks that must be handled several times a week. Third-party janitorial services offer these types of services, which can include the cleaning of restrooms, vacuuming, taking out trash, cleaning up break rooms, and more.

If you’re planning a deep clean of your office, then you would want to consider using a commercial cleaning service. For handling weekly tasks on a schedule, however, janitorial services are the way to go. You can schedule times with many janitorial services several times a week if you choose, and you will be good to go, whether you want to outsource your cleaning permanently or just until you can hire a new employee for the cleaning staff.